PIZZITALIANI.COM tries to offer multiple possibilities to meet the needs of everyone and to satisfy the security needs of purchases.

The customer can pay in one of the following ways:

Paying by Credit Card has an important advantage: your credit card details will only be known by Paypal, while we will only receive confirmation of your payment. Furthermore, this system guarantees a high level of security in online transactions thanks to the 128-bit encrypted transport and the encryption of parameters passed through your browser. You can therefore rest assured that your credit card data will not be spread across multiple sites on the Internet.


PayPal is a website that allows you to send and receive payments securely, conveniently and economically. Even with PayPal, card details are safe because they are never shared with the seller.

Additional cost for the paypal platform 4.5% on the total order.


This type of payment allows delivery directly to your home without any formalities. You can make a bank transfer to the following IBAN by signing it to: FA.I.P. SNC

IBAN: IT48Z03069301401000000003553

INTESA SANPAOLO SPA In the reason for the transfer, remember to report the order number, in order to quickly identify your payment. Warning! If you choose this method of payment the shipment will take place when we have verified that the bank has been successful reporting the number of CRO; to speed up the deadline you can send an account of the bank transfer to the email address shop.pizzitaliani@gmail.com Payment must be made within 7 working days from the order date: after this period we will consider the order canceled.