THE LACE HISTORYBorn in 1953, FA.I.P. s.n.c., is a producer of mechanic jacquard BOBBIN LACES. The cautious management of Riscaldino's family, in the market by three generations, has afforded to improve and to diversify the production extending.

Since 2014 we have registred the brand PIZZITALIANI to underline our italian production and quality.

The production's range permits the use of most of available fibres nowadays present on the market, but, nevertheless, FA.I.P. s.n.c. always prefers the best fibres of first quality.
The experience of nearly 50 years and the constant direction in offering a product of high quality, that allows FA.I.P. s.n.c. to be known all over the world. In fact:
• The best raw materials are used;
• Customer satisfaction is always taken into consideration

The Bobbin Lace

BOBBIN LACESAmong the different factors which contribute to create the story, the civilization, the art, the tradition of a country, there is the manufacture and the commerce of BOBBIN LACE.
Since 1400 it is considered as an art which, at first was expanded among the low classes, and later among religious groups and aristocratic families.
In order to manufacture the BOBBIN LACE, it's necessary to have only a few things: the "TOMBOLO", a roll of the length of 25-30 centimeters and of the diameter of 15-20 centimeters, a particular stand with three bases (REGGITOMBOLO A TRE GAMBE), a couple of cluny; pins of brass covered by silver and yarn. To work the "TOMBOLO" , you have to fix the pierced cardboard with the scheme of laces drawings you want to create. First of all you have to wrap the thread to some clunies, creating a double knat at their head.
Two movements describe the work, the turn and the cross. These two movements realize half passed and whole passed which can form different motives: GIRATA's form, TULLE, LINEN, RETICOLATO, or other forms. The secret of the execution is in the clunies, launched and taken while the quick fingers are turning. The MERLETTO's, and PIZZI A TOMBOLO's works more used are: "PUNTO RINASCIMENTO", "PUNTO VENEZIA", "PIZZO ANTICO".